Classic Eyelash Extensions

Benefits of Getting Professional Lash Extensions From Lashed 5280.

Are you looking for professional lash extensions? Are you looking for eyelash extensions that look as good as they are healthy for your natural lashes? The team at Lashed 5280 has been serving up professional lash extensions to the greater Denver Metro for years. With a seemingly endless list of happy customers, Lashed 5280 is primed to offer you the services that you have been seeking! Let's break down what makes Lashed 5280 so good at what they do while underscoring some of their finest services.

Lashed 5280 is led by Crystal, a professional lash artist and esthetician with six years of industry experience. With a focus on advanced techniques and high-quality products, Crystal leads the Lashed 5280 when it comes to developing classic eyelash extensions that look great, last long, and work without any damage to your natural lashes. A strong believer when it comes to investing in education, Crystal is always looking for ways to offer a better experience to her clients.

Classic Eyelash Extensions are the cornerstone at Lashed 5280. Getting your classic eyelash extensions done by a professional is as easy as clicking the 'Book Now' button on the SERVICES page. Classic eyelash extensions feature between 50 and 80+ lashes per eye, though Lashed 5280 doesn't make it a point to count. Instead, Lashed 5280 is focused on making sure you leave with the perfect amount for your beauty goals. If you want to ditch mascara and wake up with a look that is raring to go, you'll enjoy the 2-hour long Classic Lash session. Lashed 5280 also offers both Volume Lash and Mega Lash Eyelash Extensions as well!

Treat yourself to the professional lash extensions that you've always wanted by calling Lashed 5280, today! With a focus on excellent customer service and even better eyelash extensions, we are sure that you will enjoy your experience!