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About our Studio

Specializing in Eyelash Extensions that are SAFE on your Natural Lashes and deliver great retention

Lashed 5280 is located just twenty minutes north of Downtown Denver in Brighton, CO. Lashed 5280 lives to prove that eyelash extensions are NOT harmful or damaging to your natural lashes. We utilize proper training, application and quality products. We guarantee you can wear eyelash extensions indefinitely with your natural lash health intact. You can ask any of our long time clients!


We provide eyelash extensions that do NOT damage your natural lash, while achieving the look you desire most along with great retention. Advanced education and lashing techniques are utilized to make sure we preserve your natural lash health.


You can rest assured during each appointment you are receiving the best quality and care for your lashes that the Denver Metro Area's lash industry has to offer. We pride ourselves on amazing eyelash extensions, attention to detail, and healthy natural lashes!

The Lash Expert

Crystal Moya

Crystal has been an Esthetician + Lash Artist for 6 years. She first discovered her love for eyelash extensions when she seen a colleague get them done. Once she heard about all the wonderful things extensions had to offer she had to learn more. This is when her love for lashes began!


She invests in her education making sure her clients are receiving the most current + advanced techniques, stylings, + products in the industry!


Lashed 5280 specializes in lash extensions that are safe for your natural lashes and deliver retention. Crystal has advanced training + knowledge in which extensions to choose to not overburden your natural lash which in turn provides healthy natural lashes. She also prides herself in utilizing products and techniques that will also increase retention. Crystal is also sure to educate her clients in the best aftercare techniques. She lives to make sure her clients are satisfied and are educated in doing their part to achieve great retention.

Eyelash Extensions
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