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Eyelash Extensions

Lashed 5280 Has the BEST Eyelash Extensions Near Me!

Taking care of your eyelashes can become downright frustrating when you are on your own. If you don't like the way that your lashes look or are simply interested in finding the best eyelash extensions near me, the team at Lashed 5280 is more than happy to help! Lashed 5280 specializes in natural, safe, and long-lasting eyelash extensions. With a seemingly endless supply of happy customers, today might be the day that YOU schedule your next eyelash extension. Before you do, let's look at what Lashed 5280 can offer you.

Most people that come to Lashed 5280 will enjoy the Classic Lash eyelash extensions. This classic session can last roughly two hours whereupon you will receive between 50 and 80+ lashes per individual eye. If you are looking to improve your appearance in a subtle but effective way, the classic lash extensions are the perfect way to start! With that being said, Volume Lash and Mega Volume Lash sessions are also available for exploration!

The team at Lashed 5280 sets themselves apart thanks to their focus on natural and damage-free eyelash extensions. Lashed 5280 believes that you should be able to look your best today without having to damage your natural lashes tomorrow. Their entire team relies on advanced techniques, cutting edge information, and high-quality products. With a team of professionals on hand, Lashed 5280 is more than ready to make your eyelash extension dreams a reality!

Lashed 5280 is located just twenty minutes outside of Downtown Denver in the nearby town of Brighton, CO. With a focus on eyelash extensions that you can believe in, Lashed 5280 has been specializing in safe and natural lashes with greater retention for years. If you are ready to take the leap to book your next eyelash extension appointment, browse their website today to book your next session!

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