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Eyelash Supplies Brighton CO

Where Can You Get Eyelash Supplies in Brighton, CO

Are you looking for eyelash supplies in Brighton, CO? If you are looking for eyelash supplies in Brighton, CO, come to Lashed 528, just 20 minutes north of Denver, Lashed 5280 has been serving up professional lash services and supplies to adoring customers for years. If you are ready to explore the world of beauty that comes with lash extensions, come on over. 

Lashed 5280 is pioneered by the hard work of Crystal. Crystal has worked as an esthetician and lash artist for over six years. After discovering her love for eyelash extensions, Crystal would pursue training and education in order to offer her services to customers throughout the Denver Metro. Crystal utilizes her advanced knowledge and training to provide her customers with natural lash extensions that look as good as it is healthy for your natural lashes. Crystal also ensures that all of her clients are armed with the proper aftercare techniques and eyelash supplies to ensure the efficacy of their lash extensions.

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